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Propaganjah's Robert Burr, Jr.

Robert Burr, Jr.

Founder, Lead Singer, Songwriter, Lead Guitarist, Producer

Growing up in a house full of Caribbean rhythms and soulful Motown grooves, Rob grew up emulating the greats of reggae and R&B, which would eventually be the catalyst to the formation of Propaganjah in 2016.  With his family hailing from St. Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and his upbringing in Ocala, Florida, Rob would grow up and find his own unique sound in reggae music.  Influenced by the likes of Reggae, Rock, Metal, R&B, Soca, Hip-Hop, and Calypso, he began singing at a very young age.  His love of singing soulful music drove him to pick up and learn the guitar at 16 years old to accompany his vocals.  He began writing music within a few months of learning how to play guitar and figured out that was his calling.  He believes in uplifting people and empowering people with the strength of their minds within his lyrics.

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Propaganjah's Beau Bryan

Beau Bryan


Coming from Hip-Hop production background and a plethora of musical styles, Beau brings some West Coast flavor to the Propaganjah vibe. Beau joined the band after departing his home in Portland, Oregon in 2021. Beau has been playing keys for over 20 years. He dedicates his talents to spread the message of love through music.

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Propaganjah's Elliot Eisler

Elliot Eisler


The designated "hippie" of the band, Elliot is an old soul of jam bands past with a giant puff of a universal cosmic groove. He has been bringing the riddim' with Propaganjah since 2019. A student of music, Elliot has been performing since his teenage years. His aspirations in music are quite simple - "It's all about spreading the love, man."

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Propaganjah's Judah Harris

Judah Harris

Drummer, Backup Vocals

Judah joined Propaganjah in 2021 and brings his electrical presence from the beautiful sunny vibes of southeast Florida. He has been playing the drums for most of his life and anyone can sense the atmosphere he brings via his strong presence. Judah, along with the rest of the band, firmly believes we are all Messengers of Music.

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Propaganjah's Yashar Harris

Yashar Harris

Rhythm Guitarist

The protege of his father, "Big Judah," Yashar adds his compliments to Propaganjah since 2021. Yashar is a young and fresh face added to the reggae world that will be seen for years to come. He strives to challenge himself and expand his musical knowledge each and every day.

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Propaganjah's Jeff Dibiasio

Jeff Dibiasio


As a local Ocala, Floridian, Jeff has been with Propaganjah since 2021. With a love of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, he brings his edgy flavor to the stage with his heavy driven bass-lines. Jeff has been playing guitar and bass since he can remember. He aspires to bring smiles to all the faces he performs for.