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Origin:  Ocala, Florida


Genre:  Caribbean Soul/Reggae


Years Active:  2016- Present


Short Bio

Propaganjah 2024


Propaganjah is bringing pulse thumping, high energy, hard-rockin' reggae music back to the reggae world. Influenced by the legends of soulful music, their strong Caribbean rhythms and R&B roots with driving bass lines bring a unique blend of smooth groove and power.  Emphasis on positivity  and a positive outlook on life can be felt in the lyrics of their music. Propaganjah’s music is meant for the lovers of life and for anyone that craves positivity in their lives.

Driven by the love of his Cruzan roots and Caribbean heritage, lead singer/songwriter/lead guitarist Robert Burr Jr., formed Propaganjah in Central Florida in 2016. Propaganjah has, since, become a collective of talented and positively driven musicians that have the mission of spreading empowering music across the world! Propaganjah has played with numerous national and international legends; such as: Third World, Yellowman, Freddie Mcgregor, The Wailers, The Original Wailers, Inner Circle, Less Than Jake, SOJA, Pato Banton, Ballyhoo!, The Green, and an array of other national and international artists regularly.




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